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DPHC treats and cures the patients for those other options are exhausted. In other words our treatment starts from where there other treatments end. This is so because we have been practicing Homeopathy with a unique approach. DPHC have treated and cured so many complicated and challenging cases hence known as specialist in chronic and complicated diseases.
According to us, as long as a disease has not reached in its severe most stage and vitality of the patient is good then any disease can be cured. Many of the patients who could not be cured by other doctors (Allopathic, Ayurvedic, Homeopathic etc.) have been treated at DPHC successfully.
Though the god predetermines every thing nevertheless we assure to provide world’s best and unique Homeopathic treatment to our patients. By grace of god, several complicated cases are being cured with DPHC.
The overarching aim of DPHC is to serve the sufferings, not to make money. One can get consultation and treatment at DPHC, which is not expensive compare to the other options available.

Homoeopathy is the most suitable, rapid and cheapest treatment for physical and mental diseases. Homoeopathy has the power of cure them permanently effectively, within reasonable time period. In Homoeopathy, unlike in other medicinal systems, minimal medicines are uses for a limited time period; tough variations may be observed subject to severity and individuality of patient.

There are some misconceptions about Homoeopathy, which need to be dispelled. Some people believe that, Homoeopathic medicine acts very slow and there are so many precautions to be taken during Homoeopathic treatment, which is not true.
It has been experienced that Homoeopathic medicines are more effective, act rapidly and there is no need to take so many precautions during treatment.

Homoeopathy favors that the cause of every disease is actually the mental disturbances. The actual cause of Physical diseases lays in somewhere mental disorder. So- called modern medical science (Allopathy) too has now realizes that.
In fact a Homoeopath can prove a good psychiatrist as Homoeopathy can be the best pathy to cure a patient from mental disorders.

One needs to understand that in case one Homoeopath could not cure a patient, it does not mean that this is the lacuna of Homoeopathy but it shows the limitations of the practitioner. “A Homoeopath may fail but Homoeopathy never fails”.

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